Blinds Make A Window

You might be forgiven for a couple of things with regard to blinds. First off, you’d be forgiven for forgetting their full name is Venetian blinds. You’d be forgiven for so thinking, because when anyone says ‘blinds’ we tend to think about Venetians. Otherwise, we qualify by saying vertical or Roman or something else to make it clear we are not talking about horizontals.

The second thing you’d also be forgiven for is thinking that Venetian Blinds come from Venice because actually, there is no evidence to suggest they do. Custom window treatments on the other hand, are made to your specifications and are so much more attractive than they have been in the past.

Custom window treatments

People used to believe that a window was not properly dressed if it only had blinds. But with the range of materials and colors which are now available there is no need to add drapes of any sort unless you want them.

Getting custom blinds has one huge advantage over the regular shop bought. They can look quite similar, but the difference is in the details of the hanging mechanisms and even more importantly how they close and open.

If you have ever seen a zebra pattern across the ceiling when you are trying to sleep you will know exactly what this is. The slats fail to close properly and the effect is light coming into the room when you’re trying to sleep.

Getting properly made blinds means they fit the window, they work properly. They are properly installed which also helps them last longer. The fitting are smooth and clean, and best of all the cords get cut to the right length, so you don’t have yards of it, hanging around the place. With blinds, you get what you pay for.